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Hi my name is Mike, and I'm a rock/metal musician from Florida. With that being said, expect most of my work to be lyrics, but don't look to see the next Justin Bieber's "Baby," (lol). Don't be afraid to comment!

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*clears throat*
The linty hole
Below my chest
I look down and smile
Because you're the best
*bows* thank you, thank you.

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"I wont, I swear I wont (did)... I'll try, I swear I'll try (lie)"
-Dream Theater

"Now from darkness death breeds light, wall of sleep is cold and bright"
-Black Sabbath

"If you cross me I'll shake your hand like a man, not a god"

"I'm batman..."

"I may never let go of my anger and wrath, but I always will have the last laugh"


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