things are fuckin changing for everyone.. from people getting love to people getting heartbreak... it's like things are always for better or for worse... and maybe kuz we think so hard about all the bad things that are going to happen more bad things come because the thought was put out there.

I think that love is pain. like what. i mean lets think about this...
Love is being completely selfless.. but why is it that when you love someone you can't accept choices they make because they negatively affect you. Why is it that when things negatively affect you, it's so hard to get it off your mind.

Life... life is nothing but a series of events that we think are REAL but it's REALLY all an illusion... i mean.. did you know that everything.. i mean everything!! YOU AND ME AND EVERYTHING YOU SEE... CARs mONEy CloThEs.. Etc.. is all made of atoms... atoms are particles and particles are energy... when particles are stuck together your mind interprets it as solid because the particles are so small and moving so fast you can't see to comprehend it.

Someone please please please attempt to tell me that we aren't PURE LIVING ENERGY with our own energy field.. and energy isn't effecting us all the GODDAMN time?? I would call you IGNORANT... and and ignorance is bliss.. that's why people don't acknowledge things alot... *hmmm*

Who says We're made from monkies or god is not living.. god is ENERGY if we didn't have it we wouldn't have our FORM... OUR SPIRIT <~~LIFE!! or OUR fucking minds...
SO Why do we ignore it? Why don't we embrace it so that we can all enjoy the effects of POSITIVE ENERGY.. then maybe things wouldn't be so fucked up??
BUt i guess there's a balance and a duality to all.. so if we didn't have negative shyt we wouldn't be able to enjoy the positive...
THINK ABOUT ENERGY... it'S a DEEP CONCEPT?? But can you drop to the mindframe to utilize it to your benefit to better YOUR LIFE?? this isn't preaching.. THIS IS CHEMISTRY THEREFORE FOR WESTERN SOCIETY SCIENCE!!

I figured since people think they can't yet cure cancer... I would use the western medicine society term. It's called herbology and spirituality. People have cured themselves... it's possible. It takes the awareness and the action to tap into the purity of what LIFE IS REALLY ABOUT...

OR i could be crazy??

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I went off of this poem kuz i felt it was nessecary.. people don't realize wtf energy is used for and/or what it actually is.

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Yes everything is of energy