The Bottom Line


my heart is breakin; won't stop achin,

And I let the teardrops fall,

the words are spoken; i'm left broken

there's no point in trying to call,

so now i'm straining; and you're gaining,

everything you'd left behind,

i didn't choose; you had nothing to lose,

and that's the bottom line.

Things won't be the same; I'm to blame,

I guess I didn't love you enough,

you say it's "right"; to give up the fight,

Well, then why is this so tough?

so I'm just hoping; and i'm choking,

back the urge to sit and cry,

i'm speechless, perfectly faithless,

and that's the bottom line.

i can't be bold; i've lost my soul,

it's all i can do to pretend not to care,

it's too much for me, when you say you feel "free",

Was that really something you had to share?

i'm tired of thinkin', my mood is sinkin',

and i've given up on feeling fine,

i just need space, of you not a trace,

and that's the bottom line.

~Inspired by "I Cry" by Tammy Cochran~

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