Don't Tell Me...

Don’t Tell Me…

In a Moonless night
When heavens turn dark
With no more stars
Will you forget me then?
All if you can!

In a desolate day
When the Sun goes away
With moth-eaten sunshine
Will you forget me then?
All if you can!

Day and night
Though out of sight
All it seems
I’m lost for ever
Gone astray afar
In your blissful dreams.

Yet I shudder to peep
In your mind's eye
Can you ever forget me?
For love’s sake
Don’t tell me if you can!!

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This is just beautiful! Your a great writer! :)

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Your words I will treasure. I am greatly inspired by your encouraging words/ Anyway, I am beholden to you ...

Dr S T Wali
Pediatrician/Pediatric HIV Specialist
New Delhi-110001