Deja Vu


In a desolate night of feverish June

I feel a mystique all around

A charming maiden I found

Quite alone with a glowing face

Elegant with a beauty rare

Enchantingly walking apace

In step with the solitary cloud

Threading the eye of the Moon.

Bedazzled I ask aloud:

O Paragon of Beauty, who’re you

A deity, nymph or a fairy queen,

Vestal virgin or Venus herself?

Tell me if I am wrong

If not O fair damsel,

Hear my words, my only prayer

Just be mine, mine forever!

A ringing laughter, sweet smile

And a simple nod from her

Were all I could get in answer?

Then she vanished all at once.

I shouted loud, cried in bewilderment

And shed countless blood-tinged tears.

Alas! I was left in gloomy silence:

She left me alone bereft of any sense,

My wails reverberate yet nobody hears,

Left in the lurch: was I fated to live ever after

Hauling a wounded soul with scars permanent?

Then, my dear, my sweetheart,

You met me here

Even as I first looked at you

It seemed I was struck

With a déjà vu

By God! my dear,

She was just like you.

Yet I am bewildered, once again dumbstruck

As I still could not believe my luck!


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poe369's picture

very well worded. You express yourself divinely. Haven't seen this much talent, in my oppinion, if it counts any, in a while. You should know your very gifted.

truths's picture

"In step with the solitary cloud
Threading the eye of the Moon."

wonderful wonderful