The New Anthem

The New Anthem

Truth lies naked and bare:

Unexplored yet uncovered;

Just to confront this simple word,

Truthful souls alone would dare.

Truth writ large

On the smile of a child,

Like one that bandits discharge,

Held captive from the wild.

Truth sits upon the lips of a dying man

You see it in the Moon and the Sun

Sure you can find Truth if you can

See: Lord of the universe is one.

Fighting for Truth is useless

It lies in the sanctorum of your heart

Love all; dispense largesse

It’s in the whole not in a part!

Savor truth day and night

Feed a belly or lit up a smile

Splash delight love and light

Transcend your self for a while.

Two arms do we need to come closer:

Arms to hug and cuddle each other.

To forge unity of the humankind,

Shun wars; say farewell to arms!

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Jere VanLoan's picture

good concept and well written,
thank you

Ruth Lovejoy's picture

great piece I like the last stanza especially..