Love opens the door where it finds one…

Love His creatures if you really love Him!

If you don’t do it: all else is undone.

Yet, His Love is ever shining, it can’t go dim!!

Love is that magic and miracle divine

For, God is all love: Most Merciful and Kind

Gathers no dust; Love continues to shine

Even in the heartless, rudiments of love you may find!

Remember: Love is the common legacy of us all

Her expanse and reach belies our thought

With love we rise, in hatred lies our downfall.

All Apostles taught love; it’s peace they sought!

To reflect- if God is one, we can’t be unlike

Focus deep on His design; see that unity divine

With God our Creator we may not look alike

We are all kindred souls: What’s yours or mine?

Why can’t we love each other and our neighbor?

It’s something I just fail to comprehend.

For me, my extended family, as it were,

Includes everyone: My love is a magic wand!

Love I owe to you all regardless of everything…

Commanded by my God to love His creation,

No litany of curses to offer; save a loving blessing

To you, now, I hasten to add my humble salutation!!!

STW / 19 July 2006

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Jennifer Elkins's picture

Wonderful piece! It's very touching and inspiring, keep up the wonderful writing and never lose faith! God Bless

Sue Mceachern's picture

excellent and strong piece. i couldnt agree with you more. right on.

Ruth Lovejoy's picture

really nice touching piece