A man may think that he can,

Control and subjugate a woman.

By his sheer physique,

To offset her mystique…

Trough violence and oppression,

By anger and aggression…

A man may cajole

A woman

By gentle persuasion…

By showing off

Mere love and infatuation…

You think you can

Win her into abject submission?

Even in the so-called consensual act,

More often than not it’s found correct:

In case she doesn’t like you,

Only she’s got the power,

It’s true.

You may have her body not her soul:

What you get is a dead part of the whole!!!

You can’t ever guess it, can you?

As a woman can as well fake:

She may have the cake

And eat it too!!!

STW/29 July 2006

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Melis Berry's picture

I'm glad you liked the poem. I didnt know weather it was good enough, but i gues i'm keeping it there! I really enjoyed this one too, great message, and vocabulary! I can relate to it as well. congradulations on the great work!!!!

drangel's picture

I am late but thanks ...

I am late but my thanks are due to you for your encouraging comments..

Dr S T Wali
Pediatrician/Pediatric HIV Specialist
New Delhi-110001

Ruth Lovejoy's picture

Excellent piece and you hit the nail on the head. yes, a woman can fake it when she feels she has to. You are also right in that tenderness not force,truth not deceit,love, not control will bring her closer to you. A woman likes a strong man but not of physical might but of character,a man's man but not a bully and not a wuss. She wants to feel his sentimental, sensual,and true self not some plastic loudmouth pushy bully. She likes him to control a situation that is mutally amicable not one sided and yet let her be her individual self.......

drangel's picture

With apology for being so late

Yes I do agree...It is long claimed by Plato that the wise do injustice voluntarily whereas the fools do involuntarily.

The wise need to do once in a while even in a life time knowing full well what is just and injust yet the same is not true for ordinary mortals like us..Thanks a lot for your kind comments!

Dr S T Wali
Pediatrician/Pediatric HIV Specialist
New Delhi-110001