Making Decisions

These past few days I've been thinking about us,

There's new doors opening that we need to discuss.

By now I should have left, said my goodbye's and walked,

But something so strong is making me wait 'til we've talked.

You've been my strength as soon as I laid eyes on you,

But now as the sands are shifting, what am I meant to do?

You've done something for yourself, should I go this way?

But it means leaving you for a while, when I want to stay.

The future is showing so much for us in store,

But I don't know if it's what we want, or if we need more.

What happens to everything, all we have together?

Will it stay here, waiting, or will it be gone forever?

I'm so confused, it's continuously breaking my heart,

Knowing something I've always wanted could fall apart.

I'm going to try my goddamn hardest to work this through,

Because I'll never be able to stop loving you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

one week to go til the current door closes and we have to choose

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Jason Daffron's picture

hey! i really like this poem. in my experience, Love cannot wait. you are better off to follow your heart and just enjoy life and say screw the consequences. haha which is easy to say, but like i my experience very true. i hope everything works out for you. ~Jason