To the dads that left their sons 

Than try to come back when it's to late 

When you was raw dogging my mother 

All I can say is thank you

Because you did donate 

 What a beautiful and gifted son y'all did create 

We talk and talk until we up to date 

Moms searching for years 

but she couldn't locate

Crying thinking I was a mistake 

You can't tell me my life wasn't hard 

because you couldn't relate 

Moms worked 3 jobs 

But breakfast,lunch , and dinner it was the meals that I ate 

You see right now 

I rather talk to you behind the gate 

My mother did motivate

So right now people want to nominate

I wish you came sooner 

Could have seen me graduate

Moms doing great 

But the end 

all I can say Is that you did neglect


By, Ramadhan Ramadhan

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I once had an acquaintance call up and ask if they could adopt my daughter. I said no, of course. But the hard work and patience and perseverence was invested and the human offspring was on her way. People gravitate toward sucess. Egos try to own the credit, but, 51 % of households in the U.S (maybe more, haven't check stats recently) are headed by females. Moms rock! :S