A Demon's Sins

The light flickers out to a moment that doesn't die. A memory now, but feels more like a rewind, that I no longer remember the feelings too.

Bringing with it everything that made love hurt like a wound that won't close, slowly killing it. I'd bury the past if I could, but I'm already reaching up to touch bottom, and every minute feels split like every word that was worth saying wouldn't mean shit. I don't care if they judge me, only the flawless could blame one for trying to buy back their soul through the sins of others. Like someone could ever understand what or why I want to see just one soul that never changes colors. I've been ripped open, torn apart, left broken to pull myself together. I spit out a mouth full of blood and got on with it, I still believe there's something better. I was innocent once, no one is born torn to pieces, I don't care how bad people wish I could believe it. I just want to believe that life isn't so infectious that someone somewhere walked through it the right way.

Took the high road and never another. I know it's a fairytale but what do you look for when you forgot what it's like to dream in color.

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"...when you forgpt what it's

"...when you forgpt what it's like to dream in color."  This line opens many possible interpretations but sits well inside my aesthetic sense of poetical expression and emotive tinglings. Nice! - my highest accolade. :D slc


Accolade secondary meaning: A touch on a person's shoulders with a sword at the bestowing of a knighthood.