Love is an illusion

Past Loves

Love is a mircale some people may say.

In my mind it's mearly an illusion

I fight with each day.

The hurt that comes from each word that is said,

the anguish and pain...

the crying in bed.

He doesn't understand and probably never will.

He doesn't mean to hurt me...but still...

I lie awake wondering what went wrong

Why do I feel this way, have I felt this very long?

No I tell myself, this isn't happening.

The long envied love isn't now shattering.

I promised never to hurt him, but I can't take anymore

So I'm sorry I did this,

but I'm closing the door.

In a cold sweat I awake, it was only a nightmare

But can dreams be the reality that we most fear?

Love is magic, I say to the night...

But magic can sometimes be illusion...

My back stiffens with a cold chill of fright.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The way you made me feel

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Three Words. I have chills.