I?m lost

In despair and confusion

Don?t leave me here to die.

Hold my hand tight

Squeeze till I bruise

Ensure me you?re here

I can?t find my way

I don?t know where I?m going

I can?t find my faith

Please don?t let go

Hold me tight

It?s cold in here now

I need to know

You won?t go away

Help me find myself

Help me see who you are

Help me see why things happen

Please help me.

Stand by my side

All day and all night

The battle has only begun

The war is yet to come.

Stay with me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was written when i was having a big struggle with my faith and I couldn't find God in my life at all...

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Amron's picture

I think this one shows a lot of emotion, Vana, I think its one of your best! But...thats only my opinion ;)