The girl in the mirror


I looked in the mirror

and I was startled to see someone looking back at me

I loked away, frightened and overwhelmed

but soon returned, in awe at this discovery

I looked into the mirror and saw Me,

for the first time.

I looked, and I saw my tears,

and was moved by what I saw,

and I cried with myself,

and I felt compassion and love

I looked, and I saw my laughter,

and I saw that it belonged to me,

and my spirit danced in happiness,

and I felt tender awe and joy

I looked into the deepness of my eyes and saw

what I've only ever heard anyone speak about.

I looked into the mirror,

and loved the girl that was me.

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KristinaMetro's picture

hey stopping in to read your stuffs and comment on this one coz it rocks :) i love the flow of it, and its very reflective.

Ozjan Yeshar's picture


Loving yourself is the key to love others. I loved the spirit in that poem. Keep your pen active.