Look to the west


look to the west

for the sun is setting

oh, how often the people of the city forget that we have a sun

for the horizon is hidden, behind the bulidings of brick and of stone

look to the west, my dear friends

for our Father has chosen to piant the sky tonight

with deep pinks

and a touch of gold

not just tonight, no,

every night,

a new painting

of dancing changing colours

playing in the clouds

loook to the west

dreamer and poet,

lawyer and doctor,

brick layer and farmer

look to the west

for it is calling us home.

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Margie Glenn's picture

how full of insite and you are so right people do forget we have a sun. Let them fall down with being sick and the docter says you are dieing and that when they remember to look at the sunset. As a child I was named Starwest by my apache father and U carry my name so proud for the sun sets in the west and I was born in west Dallas every place I have ever lived was west. My father was so wise when he gave me my name. This is a wonderful poem. love **STARWEST

Robert C Millar's picture

Excellent poem

Miss Prissy's picture

Your poem is really great!
You are going to be really good at wrighting poems when ypu get older!
Just keep up the good work!
I just started wrighting poems im not that good but i think ill get better at them!Well keep up the good work!
I'm counting on you!
Well i g2g ill talk to you some other time ok bye bye.