Protect me - from myself


Dark, my darkness

hide me, comfort me, protect me

this is all too much

all too exhausting, too hard

I want to sleep in darkness,

peacefull darkness

Dark - hide me

cover me

I want to hide     inside myself

what is self

I don't want the candle; it's too far;

I can't reach it; I don't want to.

Oh, what a liar I have become

I do want to, but it wasn't meant for me

Let me free

Why have I put myself in so many chains

I can't break free

I don't want to try

I'll be bare, exposed

I want to run       I want to hide

dark, darkness

come, protect me.

Show me no more light.

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Stellar's picture

I love it! I jhave felt this way so many times...

Stephanie Taylor's picture

i can REALLY relate to your poetry. it's deep and dark. GOOD WORK