Startled into life


for Alex

She was so different

      and I felt so young, so intimidated

but before we'd even spoken a word to eachother

I could sense that our paths were meant to colide.

She is someone who looks at me

   and sees only that - me.

Someone who lets me be that "me"

   and enables me to trust.

Someone who cares enough

   to make me face the pain.

Someone who firmly holds my hand,

   no matter how much I struggle to break away.

Someone whose gaze I can't avoid,

   and that gently demands only truth.

Someone who enabled me to give in

   to the grateful wonder of being loved, and of loving.

All things I honestly thought were never possible!

So this is what friendship is. Being startled into life.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

for my dear friend Alex, who showed me I had wings to fly and yet had the sense enough to let me learn to use them on my own.

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Rachel's picture

i like this one. i know what you mean.

Alexandra Webber's picture

Dear Ana,
I never taught you that you had wings. I merely reminded you of you own inner strength, and you found them on your own. Keep up the writing, and fly, my friend! Fly!
Love Alex