* Wake-up call


O soft-lit beam of glowing sun-light -

burn my wings before the flight;

O gentle wind of noiseless sound -

thrust me hard upon the ground;

O peaceful night of delicate spring -

darken all I try and sing;

O playful splashing river bright -

drown me though I struggle and fight;

O tender love of happiness -

hurt me with your gentleness;

For I must bear the scars of life;

and feel not only love but strife;

To know it's true, what's said to me:

That I was meant to live - and be.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

published in Labour of Love, December 2002

(inspired by Sara Teasdale's "Blue Squills")

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Jewel Anderson's picture

hey! just wanted to let you know how much i loved this poem. its so beautiful...and true....
feel free to check mine out.
keep up the great work