Ode to Isis


I throw you a yellow rubber ball

and you run after it, and pounce

I throw it again, and you blink at it,

barely giving it a glance.

We're sitting calmly watching t.v.,

and suddenly you gallop up the stairs,

on a mission to attack a

non-existent piece of lint.

You scratch at the door to be let out,

and when you come back you run straight to -

nowhere -

You stop halfway through your aimless path and turn back.

You try and balance yourself in the stangest


and run away when you fall,

never remembering that you have tried this before

and it didn't work.

You reach up to attack my foot

if I happen to hold it above you.

I pick you up to sit in my lap,

and you run off onto the floor, only to sit down


You are the most random creature I have ever met.

But when all the forces of gravity

seemed to be weighing me down

with my sadness,

an unbearable pain

and all I could do was lie on the couch

under a blanket,

You came right up beside me

you curled up and went to sleep with me.

And when I was shaking

with sobs coming from so deep that their reason was unknown,

your paw came up to my face,

a tentative attempt to comfort.

So I say this, my little random one:

continue with your peculiar manners,

keep on being the silly creature that you are -

but thank you.

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Arooj's picture

I LOVE this poem! It's so cute!