Can't you see that I'm not?


I think about the year that has gone by

-It wasn't a year; it couldn't have been, because I can still remember the first day -

The times we shared, all that we've laughed and all that we've cried,

all those moments when we felt we'd rather give up,

but it was all worth it

-of course it had to be; why else would we be there? -

I can't think about saying goodbye

How can I?

I'm trying hard not to cry but I'm crying inside.

-Why am I crying?  It can' be over yet.  Time couldn't have been that cruel -

I think about each one of them,

and the way they made me laugh,

the way they drove me crazy,

and the way they touched my heart.

How can I say goodbye?

Say goodbye and let it all become just memories,

to look back on and cry as I am crying now,

to remember with love

Why does time go by so quickly?

-It doesn't.  It couldn't have.  It hasn't.  If it had I would have been prepared, and can't you see that I'm not? -

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mystiefyre's picture

I definately can see where you're coming from on this poem. It expresses many feelings at once. Nice job!

Raychul Bruneau's picture

I thought I'd stop by and read some of your stuff, and I read quite a bit, but this is definitly my favorite of any of them. I think this line, "I'm trying hard not to cry but I'm crying inside." just gets to me... I've felt that way once before! Kudos, this is absolutely excellent!