I saw
glowing, flickering
an altar
on which I was a sacrifice.


The scent of sage filled me with
and calm.


I saw the soft black cape, stark black lips,
calm, careful presence.
I felt safe.


I felt marks of fire, initiating me into
the unknown


I could taste my fear, as dryness in my throat and
the relief of gasping for briefly denied breath.


I heard, as if far in the distance,
soft, ancient music
drawing me in,
like the lure of the Pied Piper
away from this ego

I followed, helpless.
I caught fire, and hollowed out
an empty vessel for the goddess.


The colour is deep green, like a dark forest,
this dark space where we play.

I see my own elusive beauty reflected in someone else’s eyes.

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Me As A Sacrifice

The altar would melt and Gaia

would file a complaint:

Too much EGO not enough

space for Goddesses

to take possession.




Yeah, lovin' me all the way through. Interesting theme.




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 imagery was great for my minds eye

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