Let it all go

Song Lyrics

I can hear the ancient song
over top the raging sea
it’s been calling for so long
voices aching to be free


How many times
can your footsteps walk these cliffs?
And how many faces
fall away before the shift?


Let it all go, let it all fall
there’s something else inside
let it come out, let it come through
this new stranger is you.

Let it all go, let it all fall
these fears that you hang on to
let it all go, let it all fall
Let it all… fall.

I can see right through the storms
the way they rise and fall inside
if you let go of all the fears
there is nothing left to hide


How many times can
can you walk these shores alone
and how many journeys
before you know yourself as home?



I can feel the shadows dance
rooted to the ancient tree
crashing waves and lightning skies
all that you were meant to be



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Powerful Line

"I can see right through the storms" The come dense and dark lightening streaked destructive - and we survive! Yes!