State of the Nation

The Crimson Order

Take some time to realize the state of the nation

Poverty, war, and gluttony, apathy and inflation

Prisons full of minor offenders, don't you know

Empty promises tossed around by the Obama administration

The state of the nation is brought into the light

Officials of the nation have no sense of wrong or right

Mothers sons and daughters tremble in the night

The mighty US Dollar has lost the fight

Whispers softly in my ear

My country is dying year by year

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High Civilization

Like Greece, like Rome, like Russia - the U.S. has peeked. The world is no more sinful or awful, or dangerous - it has always been so, we just get bombarded with more information than the psyche can cope with which makes it seem more intense. Toffler predicted this in the 60's - it will be increasingly more difficult to deal with reality as time speeds up. I fear the loss of hope for billion of earth denizens. Still, hope is our best export. - allets -