The Bell Tower


As I wander through eternity

As I walk through the endless tears

I take one moment to shed light on my soul

One moment of peace, I take threshold

Stripped of my joy

Thrown into the void

The deep and flowing emotions

Run freely, I cannot trap them

All of my happiness, has been torn away

My grim reminders, of minds decay

A cryptic writing appears in my mind

Burned forever, ‘till the end of time

The only thing left for my wandering head

The only thing left, is my sorrow, I dread

Withering slowly, my thoughts still deter

The only possession I own is despair

Dead is my life

So dead are my thoughts

My blood flows still

But my battle’s been fought

I live through the storm,

I die each day

I’m no longer warm

My sanity’s decayed

Abyss of the crimson hellhounds await

Destined to misery, destined to fate

My soul is a tyrant, seeking the end

I die, once more, as the cycle begins

False happiness is easy to find if you try

A false tissue to wipe the tears I cry

Lo and behold, I stand in the rain

Raindrops of crimson, from clouds of pain

Secluded again, from all of my joy

Solemn sorrows, a grave envoy

Into the blackness I plunge so alone

Destined to wander, destined to roam

My last possession, my last lament

My pain flows deeply, the pain I resent

Parchment of pain, I hold in my hand

A quill of hope, I write one demand

And words on the paper do calm my fears

The promise I read, quells a few tears

I sign away my soul with haste

Now my last possession is faith

This is the end of everything

This is the end of nothing

This is the end of my road

This is the path I chose

Zealous rebellion, my heart wades through

Now among others, I seek the truth

The fog is so thick, I can’t see a thing

Alone in the distance, a bell does ring

The tower so far, I don’t see through the fog

The lies do surround it, a deadly smog

But even as though my eyes play games

I still hear the bells, so tame

On a mountain of fear

Up a stairway of tears

Sits the tower of hope

I’ve been searching for years

And once again, the bell does ring

Like God’s own voice, a sweet song he sings

Black forest of hate surrounds the tower

But I shall find it, in my darkest hour

Alone I wander, through sorrows so deep

The bells are my Sheppard, as I am the sheep

Slithering fog of Lucifer creeps

All around my shattered feet

Alone I stand in the valley of death

A lonesome sigh, a lonesome breath

The sound is closer than before

My only possession is starting to soar

Now I walk closer, a faint shadow I see

Into the distance, the bells ring free

The voice calls out, it sounds so sweet

“Climb on up, and rest your feet”

The marble stairways echo so dear

Now the fog of Satan does veer

He sought to destroy me, but I am so strong

I made it through, with the bells sweet song

A lonely door atop of the tower

The rain has stopped its sorrow filled shower

I try to open the door to be free

But I do not hold in my hand the key

I ponder a moment to search my soul

I now know the key, I’ll take control

The way through the door is my last possession

The way through the door is my own depression

I stand before him now, my father above

He smiles with a wonderful grin of love

He throws my last possession out the door

If sorrow were sixpence, then NOW I’d be poor

Seek to find hope through darker hours

Listen intently, for the bell tower

Once your on your last leg of hope

Listen for bells, to help you cope

Once you’ve found the stairway to life

Open the door, with all your strife

Do you hear in the distance, the bells that ring?

That is the voice of God, that sings

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Sarah Gane's picture

as i continue to read all of ur poetry on here, i am continually inspired as u write so beautifully and ur words hit my heart. Your a beautiful writer and your poems given me hope in hopeless times. When things get too tough and i feel ive lost my way with God, i often read your poem the bell tower and it helps me to reliase i can never really lose god as he will always be there waiting for me. Thank you. you have a wonderful heart, mind and soul which is evident in all ur poems.once again thank you