Killing Me Softly


What lies beneath is no more heard

Than the crypt of all, the cryptic words

What lies above is no more seen

Than a deadly poison, a smoking stream

And in my hand, lies suicide

An end to love, an end to life

Killing me softly, day by day

Slowly taking my breath away

Much more deadly than the sharpest blade

Holding the cards of life, ace of spades

Killing me softly, hour by hour

Turning my icy heart to sour

Utterly peaceful, utterly true

Death is knocking, softly too

Killing me softly, minute by minute

A deadly battle, I cannot win it

The world of smoke, the world of haze

Blinding my eyes, I’m lost in the maze

Killing me softly, second by second

Death calls to me, an empty beckon

And now my lifeless corpse decays

I sought to see my end of days

Killing me softly, my life is through

Now that I’m gone, I’m missing you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I am currently commiting suicide.  Not in the sense that you know all too well, but another way.  I regret ever picking up a cigarette.  I promise you will regret it too, if you ever do.  You may as well put a bullet in your brain, it's practically the same thing.

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RainDreams's picture

i enjoyed this one, i didnt expect it to be about smoking. its true, its another form of suicide just a slower kind.

Katie Rives's picture

I really like this one..