One More Lonely Mile


Weep not, your gentle eyes

Weep not, don’t you cry

One more mile you have to travel to the end

I’ll be with you the whole way

I’ll be with you’re your last day

Another hour, and you’ll feel the breeze of heavens wind.

Life’s gambles grow greater, as you tread on your path

Relish every breath, as it could be your last

I’m here, by the bed, as the hours grow week

Your last mile will be tread, on the soles of your feet.

For your last journey, you had better back some love

A little bit of hope, and some kindness

Maybe some memories, sweet and divine

Of better times, of better rymes.

Take not hate, as it will weigh down your pack

And carry your sword of God, held high

Your last mile will be tough, but I’m here, thick and thin

I’m here with you now, ‘till the very end.

No more tears shall you cry

No more troubles of lifes bitter nights

And walk on your journey, lifes last test

After this mile, you can finally rest

You have only one more mile ‘till the end

One more lonely desert, as the hours grow thin

One more mile to tread, one more lonely mile

But ‘till death does grasp thy hand, I am here all the while.

One more lonesome valley, one more endless ravine

One more ocean wide, one more mile keen.

You’re almost to the gates, the miles almost done

Ever slowly walking, walk and do not run

One more step to darkness, but darkness isn’t there

Instead a light, so burning bright, greets your heart so fair.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by "one more valley", a Christian hymn.

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