Tears of Blood


A tale of two lovers, etched in the sky

A tale of the way, they both sought to die

And melancholy shall turn the tide

Of a love so vast, of a love so wide.

A whisper calls out to them

A whisper not heard

It’s voice viciously spurned from their ears

Melded together by passion so infinite

Taken without inclination, taken tonight.

And death does creep across the lonely floor,

The cold cobblestone, it crawls through the door

Save no warning, death comes to take her soul

And it’s icy hand shall soon unfold.

Lo, by the fire I sit staring vague

Not knowing, not sensing this infinite plague

Into the void, my mind seeps

Across the floor, death does creep

Passing me now, for my life not to take

Passing my mortal, and immortal.

I love her so dearly, the world does not know

I love her whole hearted, and love doth show

A love ten times greater than Romeo knew

When he looked in the eyes of Juliet, blue

And still creeping into my chambers deep walls

Death is crawling, it comes to appall

A demon to Wrathfully take what is mine

Lamentable fear knows no confines


I lay there not knowing what seeps through my door.

Misconception is a foul hound all around.

Drifting off to a world not so far

A world where dreams reign supreme

This world seems so far, yet so near to me

Until I awaken to find misery.

A feeling rushes in, a feeling of frantic dread crawls over me.

Death’s icy hand has strangled my love

His icy fingers have cut off her breath

Her tender heart, so utterly stopped

And vainly bludgeoned by deaths glove

But nay, death wore no glove on this night

Death was willing to put up a fight

Death took the life of my love so dear

And now I know the fear, springing near

Death crawled away, without taking me too

I chase after his shadow, and beg to be through

I want him to take me, so I can be free

But death is so utterly cruel you see

And what to my eyes, death runs away

While laughing at my mortal shell left to decay.

Death howls with laughter, and raging now

Death will not take me, there’s no way out.

Mournfully I walk back through the dark waters of my empty soul

Mournfully I reside… until contemplations drive me insane.

My love was taken by deaths icy grip

One last kiss, I wish from her lips

Pale lips are not full of life felt before

Death took her life, and crept out the door

And as I sit here, a shell of my soul

All I want is one last goodbye

An emptiness of black lace forms ‘round my heart

Tears of blood stream from my eyes.

One last kiss, one more word

One more moment of peace by her side

But death is a demon, and demons abide

By laws of evil, and in hell they reside.

I’d trade every ounce of every day

Just for death to scratch my name

So death eternally I will seek

To wipe off the tears of blood from my cheeks.

Only to see her, only to be

Death had to take, death didn’t see

Death doesn’t care if I am hollow inside

Tears of blood still burn from mine eyes,

The fire of my life is burning on

The oil in my lamp, almost gone

The knife in my side will soon coincide

And tears of blood shall no longer flow from mine eyes.

Death creeps in again

Deaths shroud seeps in across the floor

I smile as I beg him to take me away

The threads of my life are surely frayed

He takes my hand, as my body does die

Tears of blood shall no longer flow from mine eyes.

He’s taking me to her, he answered my cries

No more tears shall flow from mine eyes.

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sadpoet's picture

hey man, this poem is awesome. no....it's positively brilliant. Kudos. It's filled with alot of deeply rooted pain and loss of love. I encourage you to continue writing. and if you please, read my works and see what you think.