I would give my life for you,

The clothes on my back, my food, my shoes

I'd give every penny left in my name,

If it would let you live another day.

You think you are worthless,

Iv'e got news for you

I don't care what you think,

Your love is value.

You think you are worthless?

Think what you will

But hear me out,

For you, I would KILL

You think you are worthless?

Well isn't that nice

I wouldn't sell you out

Not for ANY price

I think your the best that love has to give

You helped me, I helped you, so now lets LIVE.

You think you are worthless?

Well, Honey, your wrong

Everything reminds me of you,

Every word, of every song

If your not worth a cent, then why would I love you?

I'll give you a hint, your love is true

Your worth every second I spend every day

And no matter what, you'll hear me say

"Your worth every penny, your worth every dime

Your worth every passing second of time."

Author's Notes/Comments: 

There is someone out there who is worth the whole world to me.  There is someone out there who probably doesn't believe me.  There is someone out there who I love more than anyone.  There is someone out there that is worth more to me than my own fucking life, whatever thats worth.  Theres someone right here who is crying right now.

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Holly Johns's picture

i like this one, it shows a lot of what you would do and its sweet. =)