My rating for this poem: ***

(*-pure crap, **-Not so Great, ***-Farely decent, ****- Excellent, *****- Outstanding)

Her lips are like magic

Wondrous they are

Her life has been tragic

Up this far

Skin so soft and gentle to feel

Eyes so longing, and heart full of zeal.

The essence of love, the essence of life

The essence of passion, soon to be my wife.

If ever a problem should knock on your door

If ever a trouble should make your heart sore

If ever you need me to help quell the beast

Ask me my dear, and you shall receive.

A star crossed gaze, a lonely smile

I’m here to help, not just for a while

If ever you need me, if ever you might

Just ask for me, any time, be day, or be night.

You’ve got what it takes; you’re worth all my heart

Your worth every dime, so lets never part

I love you forever and every season,

To break your heart would be love treason.

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Ask and you shall receive...

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Lauren Landers's picture

lovely.....i like it alot it kicks