Unloveable Love


Am I in love with love, or is it love that shuns me from it’s emerald shore

For passion, for heartache, for friendship and fellowship

God looks down on us and watches our days grow greater day by day.

I know not the tender hearts that long for me, as I look towards my own passion

I see not another light in the sky, nor star in the night

I see what I see, and I hear what I hear

I love what I love, and the price is a tear

Longing and loathing aren’t much apart, but the days of the fools number longer than smart

How could I be blinded by the deaf cries in my head, for never have I seen such a place in my years.

I am a fool to love the unlovable

Or should an unlovable fool be fooled into loving?

I hear it now, it’s the utter of pain and silence so loud

Take me away from the rest of this crowd

Cast me into the sea, for I cannot see

Cut off my ears, with an ear I can’t hear

Neither time nor place can save me anymore; I hope mercy sheds my heartache so sore.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I was lucky I found this, I wrote it long ago and saved it to my documents.  I just stumbled across it today as I was cleaning out hard space.  You see, I used to be in love with someone who was a different religion (or different branch) than I.  We could not be together because of this religous difference, and it just wrecked me.  Luckily, I found someone who I have more in common with and I can relate to more, but I reflect back on that period of time when I loved the unloveable.  

"For love is such a wonderfull, terrible thing..."
Charles Dickens, Great Expectations

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darkpool's picture

I always fancied love would overcome religious law. Love is the true religion ... one must do as one's heart bids, not some "laws" dreamt up by a stranger long ago in a place that no longer exists.

Just my thoughts,