The Cracker


NOTE: not a breakup poem, I wrote this several years ago.  This is not about a relationship gone sour, it is about giving love when you really need it yourself.

I picked up the flowers, lying on the floor,

My only love just walked out the door.

She said to me when she left my home,

"Admit it, we're just both meant to roam."

A tear on the cheek of my old love,

told me mine TOO, were from God up above.

I didn't take one moment to think,

before I picked up the phone and called some old shrink.

The man there was named Mr. Latice,

he sadly said that he couldn't help me.

Twice that day, I had been turned down,

So I headed out for the west side of town.

What I saw there was truly sad

I owned the things these people never had.

I saw an old man, wearing some rags

I looked at his blanket, and an old plastic bag.

In the container, I saw what he had:

A single stale cracker: and it made him glad.

How could this man be so happy over meager food?

It was stale, but he ate it in a very happy mood.

Soon I realised there were people on the earth

that were just unfortunate from the time of their birth.

So there I stared at this old man,

and that half eaten cracker that he held in his hand.

I cried, and wept, and contemplated,

I took out my wallet, and I think God persuaded.

I walked down to the old corner store,

I picked up a blaket, and some food this place bore.

I only had 37 cents in my hand,

The woman at the counter said "You must love that old man"

I was willing to give what I didn't own,

so that poor lost soul didn't dine on chicken bones.

The joy in my heart as I walked over to that guy,

The love shown there made me cry.

I think of that guy when I get all sad,

I remember the big ole' smile that he had.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is about giving unto others what you may not have yourself.  Try as we might, we must strive to make the world a better place.

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Jas Scherlag's picture

I really like this poem. It has a lot of different tones and emotions. It is a very creative piece. Your a great writer.