Words Mean a Lot


                                            In the words of Abe Lincoln,

                                           “Four score and seven years”,

                                            In the words of the Bible,

                                          “The Lord will wipe away all the tears”,

                                           Words are important and that is a fact,

                                           They make our sentences exactly intact.

                                           When I think of these words spoken so sweet,

                                           I think of the times of these peoples defeat.

                                           In the words of John Lennon, “Look at all the people”,

                                           When He got sad, he probably gazed at a steeple.

                                           In the words of Martin Luther King,

                                          “The hills are alive, let freedom ring!”

                                           I think what these people are trying to say,

                                           That it doesn’t really matter if it’s night or its day.

                                           It doesn’t really matter if you’re happy or sad,

                                           It doesn’t really matter if you’re mad or your glad.

                                           It doesn’t really matter if your black or you’re white,

                                           We should all be peaceful, be friends, and not fight.

                                           Words are important, to some they are not,

                                           But to me, I think words really mean a lot.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is not one of my best poems, as some of the lines sound childish.  However, allthough this may have been written over 3 years ago, take it to heart.  Listen to the words of people, and decide for YOURSELF what to make of them.

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Amanda McDaniel's picture

I can't say it enought your GREAT!! I really think that you could go far with your poetry!
-Simply Amanda-