Days of the Week- MONDAY


Days of the Week


Seven deadly sins, yet seven deadly days

Monday is the next, begging to be vexed.

Love is stronger, on this day

Much stronger than before,

Hate and hell be put away

And kindness, more and more.

Monday was sent to honor the moon,

It’s name Monday, hence,

Your radiance reminds me that we will meet soon,

And love will bloom more, whence?

Monday reminds me of the sky,

And on this day, I hate to sigh,

But at the beginning of every week,

Don’t we feel so hopelessly weak?

Of all the days my love will show,

On this day, love’s a fist that likes to throw,

At you, the things that you fear the most,

The butterflies are about to kill their host.

I long to love on every day,

My love is still in growth Monday.

To her I say, to her I hear,

The time for love is always near.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is the third in the short series of mine.

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