North Star Night


North Star Night

                                         Emeralds in the sky are gleaming

                                         Shining out of the blue,

                                         They look like God’s eyes dreaming,

                                         But still looking down at you.

                                         You can see the eagles soaring

                                         High above the wind,

                                         The strength of their wings is pouring,

                                         Into the sky they defend.

                                         The eagles of the emeralds guarding

                                         What no one dares to steal,

                                         Their feathers, just like chain mail barding,

                                         Watching what the sky conceals.

                                         Hush now child, for the Lord is sleeping

                                         Under the North Star, Shepard’s creeping.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Immagine that.  Immagine that.

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pretty piece
i like it