All for one, and one for all...


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A tous le monde, Je suis un pour tous et tous pour un...

The fear is killing you my dear

It’s strangling you like a garret

You choke, but not for long, I'm near

If you do find love, ensnare it.

Trap any shame or guilt inside

Box it up with a parcel of pride

Tie a ribbon with your heart so wide,

And send it down the shoreline.

Now take some love, which you have plenty of, and a little bit of joy,

Mix in a little strength, at some length,

and finish it off with beauty.

Your love is deeper than an endless hall,

Your all for one and one for all.

Your strength is longer than China's Great Wall, because your all for one

and one for all.

Honor the past and never do fall

your all for one and one for all

Sail on your great mast, and never appall

your all for one and one for all

Your grace is deeper than the ocean blue, and I've never met one as

graceful as you.

Don't ever stop fighting to find the truth, because someday, the truth might

find you.

Wounded courage won't stop you, just never be thralled

Your all for one and one for all.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is to my wife (fiance, whatever), Allie.  When you read this, contemplate on her courage and strength.  The French title at the beggining would read in English "To all the world, I am all for one and one for all"

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Nikki Moore's picture

Hey,thanks for commenting on my poem.This poem I can realate to some.And congrats on getting married.Whish ye the best on it.And you are a very talanted boy.Keep up the good work!!