Stainless Steal



Shattered glass lies on the floor, someone broke down the mother f**king door,

A robber, a thief, who could it be?  And why the hell did they rob me?

I walk pass the glass and into the den, the pets are ok, no harm to them

I walk past the den and into the hall, no pictures are missing from the walls

I walk through the hall and into the kitchen, no food, or drinks, not anything missin’

He used a skillful entry, that’s true

When he was in my house, what did he do?

Did he take some cash, or some furniture too?

I don’t see anything gone, but where are you?

I walk to the bathroom, and everything’s there,

My brushes, my comb, to straighten my hair.

I walk up the stairs, but things are the same,

Nothing is gone? MAN, this guys lame!!!

I past the guest bedroom, and what did I find?

Again, nothing touched, this is hurting my mind!!!

I pass the children, they are asleep,

I love them so dearly, now let me FIND this creep!!!

He used a skillful entry, yea, that’s true

When he was in my house, what did he do?

Did he take some cash, some furniture too?

I don’t see anything gone, but where are you?

The master bedroom, I have finally found,

Was that a noise I heard, no, it wasn’t a sound.

I turned on the lights, and what did I see?

Blood stains on the wall, screaming at me!

Your lying there, I can’t stand to look,

Your hand is outstretched, so I grasp it like a hook:

“The B**stard got me, so save the kids,

and before I go, just one last kiss…

There’s a gun in the closet, a 45,

Hurry, and get him, there’s not much time.

You love me, I know, I’ll see you again some day,


I load up one shot, because that’s all I’ll need,

He better pray it’s a one shotter, or I’ll let him bleed,

There he is, he’s tall and pale,

No, there’s no chance, “YOUR NOT GOING TO JAIL.”

I cocked the hammer, and pulled the trigger,

Dead center of his heart, not alive, go figure.

The kids heard the shot, they awoke with a start,

Daddy has a gun, but he saved you…

This man came into my house on this eve,

He took nothing, no furniture, or books to read.

He didn’t take any of my cash,

He didn’t take my CD’s and thrash,

He didn’t want the tangible, he’s smart,

But this lunatic took one thing… my heart

Of all the possessions he could have taken, of all the things he could have had,

Not one tangible thing he took from the break in, not one thing did he want that bad.

Why didn’t he take my wallet, of it, I have no need,

Here, take the grandfather clock, to fill your selfish greed.

Take the stereo, take the T.V., take the computer, Take my CD’s,

But don’t take my love away from me, of that, I couldn’t bear to see.

You could have had anything you wanted, except the children, and for her,

All my possessions, I don’t care, I’d let you have them, you have my word.

Why could you not take me instead, and spared my lovely wife?

It won’t be the same now, for I now have dread, and I dread the rest of my life.

He left all the cash, and the furniture, too,

There’s one thing missing, and that would be YOU.

Justin Stone, 2003

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this poem to my one and only love.  This is what the world would be like without her.  Immagine grief, pain, misery, and sorrow all thrown together in one bundle.  Well, this is one of my finest works.  Read it, and from hence forth, don't take love for grantid. (NOTE: I did not spell the title wrong.  I know how to spell STEEL, but if you read this, you know why it is entitled "Stainless STEAL".

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