One Wild Ride



A hot summers night,

sitting by the candlelight

within us both, the fright

but soon to turn to delight.

Your lip starts to quiver

we both start to shiver

passion deep, and endless now.

A hand to soothe your mild worries

and now the troubles fade to blurry.

The sweet smell of love,

Which comes from above.

Our clothes on the floor, lock the door

this looks much, much better than before.

Starting slowly,

mildly paced

we seem so lowly

your heart starts to race

better and better every second,

all for love this night.

The room is dark, and dimly lit

candles are at your fingertips

Aroma of incense all around

my voice, is now, the only sound.

We fill the passion and the lust

better and better with every thrust.

Soon we will reach the top of the hill,

one wild ride, and one great thrill.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

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Shaketa Copelin's picture

This was very romantic...moreso sensual than sexual. I enjoyed.

Todd Pack's picture

A very well-written (and not at all "graphic") poem of erotic love. It's a pity that more people don't appreciate the value of metaphor and simile when they talk about sex. You've got a LOT of work, so I'll have to take time and peruse more of it. Do me a favor and drop me a line--email or sign my PostPoems guestbook--cuz I have no way of saving this link on a public computer!

Ashley Martinez's picture

Hey i really liked this poem! it was pretty good w/o bein' crude . your good ...

Lindsay McKenna's picture

wow. this was the first of your poems that i have read (can't help it, EVERYONE goes for the sex stuff first, its instinctive), and i'm quite impressed. i read through your biography to begin with... it was weird. i felt like i was reading something i would write. similar interests, likes/dislikes, faith.... and after reading this poem, apparently style of writing. if you want to contact me or read some of my stuff, my sn for aim or aol is either linasubgirl or LCMloves277 , and there should be a link at the bottom. hope to talk to you soon.

Jas Scherlag's picture

This is very pretty. It flows really well and it ..captures the imagination too heh. It's really a lovely poem. Keep up the good work.

41tulips's picture

I loved this poem!!! It was sooo loving and sooo sexual. I could feel my body quivering reading it. jk Good job!

Melissa Marina Flores