Rhonda's Road

Almost heaven, star eyed angel
We sang the night away, sang 'till the break of day
Life was good then, better than these days
That came since the needle went an' stole my love away
Country roads, take me home
To a place that soothes my soul
Over rivers, far away now
Country road, take me home
All her family scattered 'round her
Her spirit restless, and sadder than the night
Now she's a wandering, wandering with the rest of them
That fight the crystal demon, only to surrender to his might
Country roads, take me home
To a place that soothes my soul
Distant mountains, lay behind me
Country roads, take me home
All alone here, deep east Texas woodland
No gin or whiskey kisses, only sober mournful sighs
The nights are lonely, and colder than the trees
I sit alone with my guitar, and teardrops in my eyes
Country roads take me home,
To a place that soothes my soul
Heal the memories, heal the heartache
Country roads take me home
And every evening, the radio reminds me of her
I see her face just as bright and radiant as the moon
And every raindrop that falls upon the window beckons
Me to call out her name
I hear her weeping, early in the misty morning
About how she had made a grave mistake
I dried her tears but sent her on her way
A wife shared with the needle ain't a life I'd want to make
Country road take me home
Back To the place, back where I was born!
Way up North in, Dallas county
Nothing here for me, seems there never was...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

To the tune of John Denver's "Country Road", dropped key.

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allets's picture

Good Choice, Sad Choice

It is the brave person who sees and chooses self. There are 2 guthries. Can you recommend a their greatest song - I'll check it out. Folk music, precusor to country and r&b, right? :D



doktoravalanche's picture

Whoops... my mistake, it

Whoops... my mistake, it wasn't Arlo Gutherie, it was John Denver.  I'd reccomend country road.  For Arlo Gutherie, I'd reccomend City of New Orleans.