Love is easy, love is sad. Love is hard, love is true. Love is, and love isn’t. It’s a struggle of the worst sorts, a struggle that makes you doubt yourself. A struggle that can never be won. Even poets and playwrights must admit this.

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To all those movies that make love seem easy when it's not.

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is my take on what you have said, "The one best result of life, is the torment of love". I like what you have written so far. Keep writing.

and here is one of my prose about the subject that you have so aptly alluded too...




"One of the best results of life, is the torment of love"

Dylan Eliot

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    Good advice and



Good advice and observation about love and how it's played out. I enjoyed your poem very much a good read.

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You're awesome.

Thanks for the post! at first I was nervous to post this poem, but thanks for reassuring me! (If u find this creepy, you don't have to message back.)

"We all make mistakes. Some are terrible and irreparable. The question is, will you go down in flames, or will you persevere?" -Rebecca Onken