I don't have much to say. All I know is you're the one who brightens my day. If only you wanted to know me the way you could.we would fit together like a puzzle seldom misunderstood.

   A bond so pure, a friendship forever. We never

gave ourselves a chance on this love endeavor.

   From the first time we kissed, the fire between us unmissed. Never to look each other in the eyes, fearing our truth would be a lie.

   We belonged to others who didn't know. We lied to them, and ourselves in order not to show. You felt as I, and for the life of me I wondered why? You never took it to heart, making us unbeatable in a way that nothing could break us apart.

   Maybe I was wrong, or I waited too long. The fire turns to smoke. In the aftermath of passion love begins to choke. Its sad to say, but I'm starting to believe we passed our day. You being the one who has turned away.

   Before you go, is it possible to know, was I wrong for feeling like so?

   Just a thought to  those who let go  a love so strong, and a poetic solute to those who didn't fear to get proven wrong ">        


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Donna's picture

I actually loved this poem. It was very touching and I totally understand where you are coming from..