Are we living, or just alive?

Are we living or just alive?


If you thought life was just black
and white

Peace or Fight

Dark or light

Then three strikes,
you’re out, Goodnight!


Laugh or cry, honesty
or lie

Wealthy or just get by

Know it all, or ask

Surely there is more
to life than just try and cry?


Hot or cold

Weak or bold

Own or sold

What if there is more to life to be


Surely we don’t exist just to

Does a bee exist just to make the
sweet honey in his hive?

Are we meant to struggle just to be

The big question is, why are we
here, why strive?


There is a beginning and an end

Birth to death, enemy to friend

Dusk to dawn, receive to send

But most of us forget the journey in
between, or are we all just following a trend?


Are we living, or just alive?



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Wow that was a great poem!!

Wow that was a great poem!! That's a really good question too by the way. "Are we living or just alive?" That was really good and very realistic. I can't wait to see more like this. Hey would you mind checking out some of my song lyrics? It would great to get some feedback on my other songs! I wish you well! :-)