Used and Abused

Tattered and Torn

Stretched and worn

I am still standing


Stomped on, and crushed

Keep Beating A Must

In God We Trust

I am still standing


Deceived and humiliated

Hardened and broken

I refuse to be used as a token

I am still standing


Belittled and disrespected

Thrown away like trash

Verbal Lash

I am still standing


Screamed at

Cursed and Slapped

Kicked and wacked

I am still standing


Left broken, in pieces

With faint memories of a loving soul left behind

 of who I once was Pure and kind,

 I am still standing


Soul, I need thee

Where do I go to find who I used to be?

Where is my true unbroken soul when I need it to be with me?

I am still standing


After four decades, I am Still Standing

Years and years of mending my broken soul with hugs, kisses and kindness endlessly

Always healing, sadly

I am still standing


Life might end for me , today, tomorrow or in years to come

But know this Life, you gave me quite a run


But never got me down, as I AM STILL STANDING!

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And THAT is a Good Thing

Stay Strong.

For as long as long is .