When I became single the first time in my adulting years, you know that time when you don't have an institution to provide a fodder of conquest for dating, I tried a lot of ways to meet people before the Internet. (List ways?)  I had not been successful in attracting the right sort  to my hearth...& home... and well really to my bed.

There was 
Carey colloquial I can't remember any because they made no sense Sort of thing like flapjacks on a Saturday night  or your really running on Wesson oil Hence the What? From me at every conversation. His goofy looking version of Sam Elliott face thrown back in laughter at my confusion to his references.
You're from the north he‘d say
yea well you make up that shit i’d say. 
I  finally resorted to prayer. (someone suggested I be more specific in my prayers for a mate)

To be continued
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I Have Resorted

to wrtiting and watching great movies. Mate attracting is an artform. I'd read poetry publicly if I wanted but I don't. 69 is also an age. :D slc



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I still

i still enjoy the game, only having been married once for ten years. I didn’t like it, and two long term companion, both deceased, I figured try again. Men who say they don’t want anyone with baggage have the most luggage. So I have my writing, and exploring the human condition. 

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