Calendar Poem: Like a Comforter for the Soul



The tips of the trees
aflame with Autumn
Color sneaks and peeks from the green
And flicks like freckles
On the arm
of a hairy green bear
Sleeping, slumbering

The clouds playing
Frolicking in a blue quilt
They chase around with the sun
Like the golden ball
That it is,
Warming, then chilling
as it slides down the mountain
Uncovering and hiding
as the clouds dart across its path

Color sneaks out and giggles
with the wind as it
tickles, flitters across the river
up the bank
into your heart
Jumping in and out
of warm spots
Green so green that you
could reach right out
and pull it up like a comforter
over your soul.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written in 1976 Found scralled in a pocket calendar. I was probably in Vermont driving home to NH across the mountains on Rt 112 Up and over the mountain on a small curving road with lots of time to look and think.

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Giggling Color, Batman!

I love found poems - ~~A~~