Hiccupped and Happy


I danced last night naked in my backyard I
Had my shoes on
To keep a sense of
My blue glass of wine dark
I thank William
For his recipeee
"My Recipe
From that special area in North
Carolina where all the friends are
Family and all the families are not
Necessarily friends
And the names are
The same
I kept that wine too
Long, got it like vinegar
Before I tasted it
But as I danced in my backyard naked
The wine I kept for the right
Was now
In  a carafe of apples it
Took the vinegar to sweet
And the mosquitoes that feasted on my bare skin
Well... drove me inside
to write to you
hiccupped and happy.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Secluded backyard my high heeled sandals and blue glass

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phil_carcione's picture

This must have been quite a sight. Good work and good for you!

Afzal Shauq's picture

I went through few of your poems and liked them and this one is really a good and sweet poem..... well done and you are doing well..hope my peace thoughts will also win your heart..basically I am a peace wisher poet with 6 books published and 7th one is due to be printed soon..I respect talented writers like you..so offer you that if you wish to add your long comments on my poetry under your name ..you can choose few of my poems and do comments in long way..means litle more in detail.. and you will have your good name along with one poem in my book and book will be with you soon in print form... afzal shauq afzalshauq@yahoo.com

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Very Cool Write


Soooo, is it a N.C. thing or can this be done in Michigan? Today it was -5 degrees Fahrenheit. Enjoyed this one lots - :S


Lady A


djtj's picture

I strongly recommend you wait

I strongly recommend you wait until Spring! Glad you liked it.  One of my customer always brings me a bottle of his homemade wine.  


allets's picture

Re Reading

To put on list of things to get: a homemade wine making friend who delivers!

Lady A