The Minnow Series I, II, III, IV


I. Spring: Minnow Leaves


The leaves flash

on the black asphalt
like stranded minnows
on the dock
from the fishermans pail
Small brown ellipse
dancing in the exhaust
of the cars passing.
Grey day of beginning
when the winter waste
gathers to be washed away
by the Spring rains


II. Summer Simmer Minnow

Where are they
They're gone!
Empty roadway beakons
the sun a beacon
To the beach
There There
Just one caught
in the crack of concret
Waiting Waiting
For the friends
of Fall


III. Fall Minnows

The leaves on the roadway
Bumping up against the barrier
Like puppies in a box
Tumbling and tossing
On the vortex of air
Fighting for their last chance
In the declining demise of the solstice
The air chilling
The nights creeping in on us
Sooner than we plan and anticipate
A surpise that it's that time again
The leaves a reminder
Of the close of the season


IV. Winter Minnows

There they are
the little last gasps
tumbling down the road
They seem confused
these last leaves of fall
It's winter now
and they bounce around
in the wake of the cars
Like the last creatures in the lake
before the drought
Here there where
and then they're gone.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The Series of Poems about the leave on the road I travel home every day.

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Just Caught The Series

I googled minnow leaves and your poem series came up. That is soooooo cool - allets -




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Very Cool. Thanks

Very Cool. Thanks