A Magical Time Zone

Magical Time Zone


An itch in your heart, in the corner of your heart.

I feel like I walk into a magical time zone,

When I'm with you.

Christmas lights across the ceiling

Reflected into infinity in the mirror windows,

The night shaded windows.

Sparkling like magic across the head space,

Tiny light explosions,

Popping in our brains,

The infinity of space between us.

Each crystal of bulb,

Each bulb of crystal infraction,

Reflecting ions of emotions.

Turning in,

Turning on,

That fraction crackling in the

Corner of my heart I tucked you in.

Come out,

Come out

And shine,

In the passing lights of the

Time machine I place myself in

Each time I bring you forth.

Each time the Christmas lights sag

From wear and tear,

You duck beneath,

And I spin into the magical

Time zone.

All I see is the way I feel.


Everyone else, the way he is. 

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allets's picture

Into Each Poem, A Line

"...Reflecting ions of emotions..." YES! occasionally I encounter a line that I get stuck inside - this one emotes with glue :D slc 



djtj's picture


some lines get glued :)   I use ions a lot. 

THanks. Working hard on my punctuatio, too.