Like A

Like a funeral in a hurricane,

Like a wedding in a snowstorm,
It comes at you full force
Unrelenting, unforgiving,
Like childbirth in the desert, 
Like death in the Rockies, the Andes,
The Himalayas. 
Jagged and merciless.
Dryness in the afterbirth.
Destitute and forgotten.
All the human pains.
All the human sins.
Swallowed in the dirt around a well.
So close,
So close.
Like a funeral in a hurricane.
Like a wedding dress in a snowstorm.
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You "Wowed" This Poem

Desolation, loss, grief - all of em died close to the well - bavo! 




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Thank you

my wedding almost a half century ago occurred during the worse storm April 1979 in NY. While we had just furries and winds our guests had to risk life and limb to get to us. All a bad omen. My dogwood flowers and dress getting whipped by the wind. 

Thanks I’m glad my feelings came across. 

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sounds harsh,,but good

sounds harsh,,but good

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Hurricane Michael

H Michael flew his eye right over Raleigh. I was at work and decided to drive out to get lunch and ended at the back of a funeral procession on its way to the Catholic  Cathedral  I thought how sad to be having your funeral in the middle of a hurricane. 

Thanks for the read. Yes harsh 

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my pleasure,and a hell of a

my pleasure,and a hell of a note,,

used to live in burlington years ago