Rinse and Repeat: A Mantra

Pull up my feelings

Up from my toes,

Clearing the sensation
Of love,
Let him go.

Pull up through my knees,
The image of cleansing, 
Cleaning, and clearing
Of caring,
Let him go. 

Pull through from my center
Like syrup 
In a vagina, 
Sticky sweet from lovemaking, 
Pull it up, pull it through,
Pull it clean and pull it clear, 
Let him go. 
Pull the sludge through my heart. 
Clear the toxins and the pain, 
Up through throat
Up pass tongue 
That lavished upon him. 
To the head and the brain 
That craves him,
And the chocolate on his breath,
And coddles him and
Let’s him come back,
Time after time after
Pull him up, pull him out of me,
Pull him free
Like skin off the invisible man. 
Like skim on over heated milk.
Like scabs from childhood scars
Like slime on the boulder 
that blocks me,
And locks me to

Let him go. 
Let the feeling free 

Let him go.

Out the top of my head. 
Let him go.

Transparent release

Let him go.

Let him,





Author's Notes/Comments: 

Rinse and Repeat.

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Tell Me About Wiccans Again

A good mantra. Glad you stop by from time to time. Always good to read ya - slc



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Mantas dont seem to work with me in regards to him, but its a fun excercise.  Thanks for the visit.

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I Enjoy

The repetition in mantras especially in songs or hymns. Calming. - slc