I’m As Far Away As I Can Get

I’m As Far Away As I Can Get 

I’ll keep the world safe 
While you sleep.
I’ll watch the sun pro gress,
While you slumber.
I’ll live in the light,
When you succumb to the dark.
I’ll breathe daylight air,
While you stretch on empty sheets.
Until we flip end upon earth,
And it is me, dreaming,
And you, 
Greeting the world, 
I’ll keep the world,
While you sleep. 
Author's Notes/Comments: 

12 hours 

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Substantive Write

Liked the imagery. slc



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Thank you

he keeps moving farther and farther away. Read six hours away for when he was in Europe. His next stop was China. This poem has a less romantic tone to it from the 6 hour. The nature of distance.